Pool Break Pro Multiplayer for Android Phone

Pool Break Pro

Pool Break Pro Multiplayer for Android Phone

You enthusiast Billiard (Pool)? If yes you are lucky to get this article because of the opportunity this time I will share about Game Pool Break Pro Multiplayer for Android Phone. Billiard game does look simple and uninteresting, but in fact this game is very interesting.

Billiard game - Pool Break Pro is a billiards game that you can play on Android phones. There are several kinds of methods of the game. Starting from the Pool, Snooker, Carrom, Crakinole and many more games like this are biased you are playing in your Android Phone. In addition we can play against the computer, you can also play network. How to play with Network Player?

Well, to play this game Billiard network-player, I myself have never tried it whether using Wifi or Bluetooth, but the play using the Network Player, you can choose to enable chat or not. That depends on your friends - your friends.

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SMS Bomber for Android

SMS Bomber

SMS Bomber for Android

Have you ever heard the term SMS Bomber? Or even you've sent so many messages simultaneously within a short time? If yes, you mean once it was bombed by your friend or someone you do not know yet that person determines your mobile number. And on this occasion I will share about the applications that I discussed above, namely SMS Bomber.

Perhaps of all the past you've heard it, and often you hear it for the PC version right? But for those of you who want to try it on Android phones are now available. Actually, this application has been outstanding long enough there's even a website or blog that first SMS Bomber share regarding this application.

For how to use it very easily. You simply enter the number you want to send SMS (max 40 messages) in the column Number of SMS, then type the message you want in the Message field and enter the destination number in column Receiver. Easy right? But unfortunately for the number of the message as I mentioned above can not exceed than 40 messages, but quite okay for our Android phones. So, with this application you do not need to turn on your computer to work on your friends.

What about the cost of credit? To charge your credit is subject to normal tariff provider, but if you have free SMS, then reduced it is a bonus free SMS. Well, how? You are interested in using aplikasiini? Please just download this app for free via the link I've provided below this post.

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BLStream ShutterPro Premium v1.01

BLStream ShutterPro Premium v1.01

BLStream ShutterPro Premium v1.01

Support/Info: S60v5 Symbian^1^3 Anna Belle UnSigned Retail by vutaikt

Take amazing photos with ShutterPro Premium! Fully experience your mobile camera capturing capabilities with this advanced photo application.

Enable HDR (high dynamic range) and 3D (anaglyph) modes to take photos like never before. Add special effects like tilt-shift andLOMO and upload them to Facebook directly from your phone!

Turn onanti-shake to prevent blurry photos and enable burst mode to take a series of pictures.

Want to try it for free? Search for ShutterPro Lite on Ovi!

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Digitalfootmark Lock Screen v0.19 (4395) Full

Digitalfootmark Lock Screen

Digitalfootmark Lock Screen v0.19 (4395) Full

Support/Info: S60v3 s60v5 S^3 Anna Unsigned Retail

The application improves the lock screen feature greatly in Symbian devices. It works in virtually all S60 phones, from S60 3.0 to the latest models including N8.

Currently it has the following features:
- Show the current time and date
- Digital and Analog Clock
- Show the battery status
- Show missed calls
- Show unread messages and emails
- Show GPS, Bluetooth Opda~ir, WLAN and USB indicator
- Show upcoming calendar entries
- Disable blank screen in touch phones
- Unlock the phone with touch swipe
- Auto start in boot

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Emanuele Colombo Hear And Write v1.01

Emanuele Colombo Hear And Write v1.01

Emanuele Colombo Hear And Write v1.01

Support/Info: S60v5 Symbian^3 Anna Belle Signed

A completely free speech to text and voice recognition application for your phone!
You can use this application to convert your speech into
text and the paste it in any application.
Also, you can send text messages by just saying the recipient and the text.
This software is based on Google voice recognition technology and
web services.

Supports the following languages:

English (UK and US), Italian, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

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MobileCleaner v1.62.0

MobileCleaner v1.62.0

MobileCleaner v1.62.0

Support/Info: s60v3 v5 s^3 s^4 symbianOS9.x unsigned Full En by Shankru

Software Name: refuse removal software version: 1.62.0
Supported models: S60V3, V5, symbin ^ 3Please self-test test models
other models: Nokia-C5, N79, N81, 5320XM, 5630, Sony Ericsson U5I other models tested

modified by: magic tomb prison skeletal

Modified :2011 -09-30

New Thunder cache, UC audio cache, UC safe cache, temporary cache micro-channel, Baidu input buffer; Other BUG repair many problems, so cleaning up can be assured.

phone must be hack, then open access patch, before being completely clean upthe junk files in your phone.

Note ermission for the software can not scan and clean up the problem that you can manually clear the path or use other software to clean up garbage.◆ can clear the path:

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DROID RAZR - Motorola Smartphones


DROID RAZR brings the best the Motorola has to offer in smartphones. They’ve really thrown a lot of goodies at the Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) powered super phone. There is an excellent marriage of hardware and software; that said… lets dig in! It is the thinnest smartphone, with vivid 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display protected with Corning Gorilla Glass, dual core processors, front-facing 720p video camera and 8MP rear-facing camera capable of shooting 1080p HD video, 4GLTE capable, even the body is woven with Kevlar fiber, yeah… the stuff in bulletproof vests!

Now the software, the DROID RAZR has Webtop software embedded allowing it to instantly turn into a computer or laptop when connected to an HD dock or station or laptop dock. It has software called Smart Actions, similar to Locale, to automatically manage profile conditions; such as urn down the ringer when you step into work, to help preserve better battery life. It has government-grade encryption which protects your email, contacts and calendar for business professionals.

in the U.S., Verizon, of course has exclusive dibs on it officially calling it DROID RAZR by Motorola; whereas it will be called Motorola RAZR everywhere else in the world. Verizon will be taking pre-orders October 27th, while it will hit stores we’re told in November for $299.99 with presumably two year agreement.

Price: $299.99 with two year contract
Carrier: (Verizon in U.S., Rogers Communications in Canada)
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Galaxy Nexus - Smartphone Android 4.0

Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus is the first Android powered smartphone running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This super phone truly is amazing from every aspect which we’ll outline its speed, screen, design, and operating system. The Galaxy Nexus will be available in November starting in the U.S., Europe, Asia, China and Japan.

It is of course capable of 4G high speed mobile broadband internet speeds in both LTE and HSPA+favors globally. It will zip in blazing speeds touting a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, married to Google new Ice Cream Sandwich software.

The Galaxy Nexus has one of the biggest and brightest screens, a whopping 4.65 inch Super HD AMOLED touchscreen display with 1280×720 resolution in 16:9 ratio.

The design has slight curves, contoured display that is rounded, slicker, and slimmer (slim as in 8.94mm) than any other Nexus device. Samsung made the device screen near bezel measuring only 4.29mm, so the display is wider without being bigger in the hand. It feels light and weightless, even the materials are elegant with hyper skin backing for slip resistance. The Galaxy Nexus does not have any physical buttons, yet Android 4.0 supports total operation without it.

Unfortunately Samsung chose to put a 5 megapixel camera (versus 8mp), though capable of 1080p HD video with front facing camera. New to the smartphone is a barometer which will bring new app development opportunities and of course NFC yielded innovations with mobile payment options or contacts sharing.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) brings beauty, simplicity and power to Android in a harmonious way. All of the core apps are update: Gmail, Maps, Google+, YouTube, etc. Other key improvements are with the keyboard, notifications, lock screen, Browser, Photos, Gallery, Videos, and Contacts (now called People App).
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