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For anyone that hasn’t have the pleasure of playing a game of Draw Something might be a little bit unfamiliar – but don’t worry, it’s not that hard to get a handle on. Essentially, the app is an “artistic” guessing game that pits players against one another in an asynchronous manner. At the onset of a game, the creator is given a set of three words (easy, medium, or hard) to draw from with the more difficult ones earning greater currency rewards that are usable during or after games (more on that in a second).

Once a word has been chosen, players use a small set of pencils and colors in order to draw whatever they selected on the screen. It’s more or less like digital finger painting (which is fantastic for iPad), and as crude as it might be, it’s surprisingly enjoyable. The only real downside to the mechanic is that the amount of tools that players get to create with are rather limited. Meanwhile, older apps like Charadium now have paint brushes, pencils, spray cans, and more. It’s nothing earth-shattering for the drawing enjoyment, but it is worth pointing out.
Starting colors are fairly sparse as well, with only four or so to begin with. Once in the drawing mode of a game, players can enter a store and buy new colors with the previously noted coins. Once out of the drawing mode, it then becomes time to start the guessing side of the game. What is particularly interesting about it is that it’s a bit of a word puzzle too, as a dozen or so letters to choose from are presented (players are not given a full alphabet and must figure out the word based on what is present). If ever anyone becomes stumped though – and this applies to the initial selection of three words for drawing players too – users can “blow up” a handful of letters or selection of words in exchange for new ones, respectively.

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