Remoteless (for sporifty).apk

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Remoteless (For Spotify)

Spotify Remote, Playlists, Search, Coverart, Mac & Windows, Free & Premium!
"Spotify remoteless is the worlds greatest invention!" -JosephRS on twitter (august 2011)
"Lovely when something works, iPhone remote control app for mac playing @spotify with @remotelessapp" -raskidaski on twitter
Remoteless,no remote,spotify,for spotify,apk,download,application,free download,android,droidControl Spotify from your couch or any room in the house by
turning your Android into a remote control for Spotify.
Great for parties, lazy days or if you have a media center tucked away in a closet.
Now also for Android!
Control any Mac (OS 10.6) or Windows PC on the same wifi as your Android.
Each computer needs to have a HELPER installed. The HELPER can be downloaded from
No need for Spotify Premium, All features of Remoteless works with any Spotify plan.
Some of the things you can do with Remoteless in addition to the normal stuff like start, stop, volume, next, shuffle etc. is:
* Browse and start playlists.
* Search the Spotify library
* Share what you are listening to through twitter, facebook or e-mail.

Download Here

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