Opera Mini web browser

Opera's fastest mobile browser that can save you money on data. Totally free.Try the world's fastest Android browser!
- FAST: Opera’s speed and efficient controls put it ahead of all other browsers.

- EASY: Surf the Web on your mobile as easily as on a desktop computer.

- SAVE MONEY: Reduce data costs by up to 90% with our unique compression technology.And it's completely free to install and use.

Other great features:
– Speed Dial shows you all of your favorite websites at a glance. Pull them up with one tap!
– Tabs let you keep multiple pages open and switch between them.
– Reading online is better with page sizes, address bars and toolbars that adjust automatically.

Download Opera Mini for yourself today!
Also check out Opera Mobile, the premium experience when on Wi-Fi or wireless broadband.

 VERSION : 7.0.3          REQUIRES ANDROID : 1.5 and up       size : 822 KB

App Screenshots


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