Medieval Castle Defense

Medieval Castle Defense shows what classical tower defense game is.
[World/Stage Extension Update]
New World and additional stages opened!

This game shows what classic tower defence is.
Build your towers to defend the castle from enemies pouring out from camp.
"Why isn't there fun game for android?"
"Is there a game I could enjoy on a bus or subway?"
"Is there a game I could enjoy when I'm responding to the call of nature?"
"Is there a well made defense game?"
If you had any of these thoughts, we strongly recommand this game.
Choose your towers to fight along with thourgh 40 substantial stages.
Tons of enemy with different abilities will try to conquer your castle.
If you think that stages are to easy, try to achieve the achievements.
Download the BIG FUN! on your small android for FREE!
1. Tower gaining system
You begin with only 2 types of towers. But you can gain more towers as you clear the stages.
Cannon, Catapult, Slow Tower, Multi Shot Tower, Net Tower, Mana Drain Tower, Teleport Tower, Bombard Cannon, Ballista, Gold Comsumption Tower choose your towers to perform your strategy.
2. Enemy infantries
Tons of creatures, from basic infantries to mana using priests, healers, shamans, battering ram with special abilities, will feature in this game.
3. Grading System
Will be graded based on how well the stage is cleared. More you miss, less you get.
4. Achievement System
You think the stages are too easy? Try to achieve the achievements.
It will be challenging.

VERSION : 1.1.15             REQUIRES ANDROID : 1.6 and up           SIZE : 8.5 MB

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