Download HD Widgets (3.0 Beta) apk free

HD Widgets,3.0,Beta,download,free,android,apk,application,app,droid

HDWidgets (3.0 Beta)

IMPORTANT: If you're not snug employing a BETA product, please check back in an exceedingly few days. we must always have everything cleared up by then.
UPDATE 6/8: i believe we have a tendency to got all the massive ones (tablets still would like cleanup). We'll keep a watch out over the weekend. Ahoy Prometheus!
PLEASE use the FEEDBACK BUTTON within the app - it'll greatly speed up solving the matter. Screenshots also are terribly helpful!

HD Widgets,3.0,Beta,download,free,android,apk,application,app,droidKnown issues:
- previous widgets will not work (expected, not a bug)
- location detect (fixed)
- massive clock digits
- non-responsive switch icons

Thanks you for the good feedback!
** one thing wrong? Got ideas? Please tell us:
** we have a tendency to answer everyone!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Recently Added:
- massively vivid easier-to-use app UI
- WYSIWYG widget previews
- new clock widgets
- customizable switches
- additional weather services
- multi-location weather screen
- opt for weather hotspot link
- device specific User Guide
- show/hide widgets within the main menu
- additional switches
- even additional colours & clocks
- designed for brand new themes & add-ons
- ICS native (built on sdk 15)
Coming Soon:
- Colourform theme pack
- Photostream widget pack

HD Widgets,3.0,Beta,download,free,android,apk,application,app,droid

HD Widgets,3.0,Beta,download,free,android,apk,application,app,droid

HD Widgets,3.0,Beta,download,free,android,apk,application,app,droid

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  1. Also, I would like to get my high/low lights touched up.. Any available date/time???