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Volume+ (Volume Boost)

Volume+! the sole app that enables you to save/load your own custom EQ settings!
Now optimised and far a lot of stable on Ice Cream Sandwich.
Please note that BassBoost and VRE don't currently work on ICS. A fix is being worked on.
This application was designed primarily to spice up the degree of a wired headset. while it'll boost the most loudspeaker volume, it's going to not be as prominant. Please blank this in mind.
volume,boost,+,ROM,ICS,VRE,Bass,mod,higher,improve,increase,apk,download,free,androidMillions of folks blame unhealthy headphones for low-quality music, well place the blame where it belongs; your phone and therefore the audio software. Volume+ will fix the difficulty system wide. Using Volume+ your phone can get a lift in bass, treble, and if you are using our presets, you'll be able to finally expertise the standard of music that you simply actually deserve. Being system wide, Volume+ works with Google Music, Pandora, Slacker, and each alternative music software on your device (that does not have a inbuilt EQ). Volume+ may not get you identical expertise that you simply get with those puffed up headphones, however what we will promise you is that for $2, you may get music that's finally price paying attention to.
There could also be problems on bound custom ROMs.
This software doesn't perform identical on each ROM out there, we tend to personally suggest employing a Cyanogen Mod seven or MIUI ROMs, however we tend to do strive our greatest to optimize our software for all software versions. Stock users message us if you are not obtaining an improved expertise.
We highly suggest you utilize this with caution as a result of whereas we tend to do permit you to literally go crazy with the method you hear your music, you'll be able to seriously harm your hearing and presumably lose it. therefore please do not go crazy with our application, we wish you to relish yourself not hurt yourself (please see disclaimer below).

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