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Test your survival skills whereas teaming up with unlikely allies in ZombieSmash !
ZombieSmash! could be a “Survival Comedy” game, that includes undead-themed castle defense and entertaining, physics-based gameplay. the sport casts players as Joey, a lone survivor pit against a herd of writhing, unrelenting zombies - to defeat the undead lots, players should use their fingers to flick and smash them till they are un-undead.

• to help players in their fight, over thirty specials and upgrades enable for inventive zombie demolition - as well as fun implements like asteroids, wrecking balls, liquid nitrogen and a big, rolling boulder – mix specials (for instance, smash nitrogen-frozen zombies with a boulder!) for added hilarity.

download,zombie,smash,apk,free,android,upgrade,kill,slay,rocket launcher,guns,campaign,online,fight• refined ragdoll physics turn out distinctive and hysterical zombie deaths, and also the proprietary SplatterEngine™ renders adorable cartoon blood and gore during a convincing and entertaining fashion.

• Four game modes give limitless replay value:

o Campaign Mode challenges players to survive for over thirty one intense days against the mounting zombie threat and another thirty nights within the NEW CAMP NOWHERE campaign.
o Endless Siege Mode confronts them with a unending zombie assault - hold out as long as doable, racking up an ever-rising body count.
o Sandbox Mode offers you all the tools to rain destruction down on those stinking, moaning zombies with none of the peril.
o Bonus Nights Mode : Smash and destroy zombies in new ways! Unlock this special mode through extended gameplay and using your braaains!

• Original soundtrack created by famed game music composer Chris Hülsbeck, the proficient musician behind the scores to classic games like Turrican, Giana Sisters and also the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series.

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